Reiki Door Swag

 Welcome To Reiki Door Swag online. All of the items are hand made upon custom order. All Swag products are infused energetically with Love, Reiki and Light Language with the intention of the continuous flow of positive energy and protection where ever they may go.

All items include FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the USA.

About Reiki Swag

After becoming a Reiki Master in 2020 and a Reiki Teacher in January, 2023, Danielle couldn’t help but bring this high energy experience into everything she does.  Reiki means “Universal Life”.  It helps your mind, body and spirit to be calm and be balanced.

Each object Danielle creates is infused with love and Reiki to help have the continuous flow of positive energy where ever they may go.

Danielle has one of her creations hanging on her own door at home.  Our wish is that each of your doors not only look amazing and beautiful, but also have love flow through your home just as it flows through ours.

As a Reiki Master and Reiki teacher, Danielle makes these creations to relax and to find inner peace.  Creating swag for others creates so much joy for her.

Our wish is that our items will bring a smile to your face and love to your home.  May it be rocking on your door for the swags that they are but most of all, may it bless you more personally that just your home.

Custom items available.  E-mail for availability and pricing.